Encouragement for some new stuff I'm working on...

Added on by John DuBois.

Manifest Gallery is an artist for artists non-profit that I've submitted to in the past.  It was a real pleasure to get an email notification this week letting me know that my submission was accepted into Manifest's International Photography Annual (v3).  The artist list isn't posted yet but should on the gallery's website next week.  I also don't know yet what was selected but here's the images I submitted.  It's a gallery of 5 images -- click below to see the full set.

It's from something I've been working on that started out as a visual journal from travels away from home and continues to evolve from the range of scenes that I come across still on those travels.  Duality started out as a fun exercise looking at a hotel bed right after getting up (and too many of those I'd have to say) and then took a turn relating/contrasting them to similar shapes and forms found in water and especially ocean surf.  The work took another turn after I branched out to include other things (like the chairs no one uses in these rooms) found in a hotel room while traveling.  I almost didn't submit this, went back and forth on the decision all the way to the deadline.  Then the deadline was extended and I got to work on it some more.  Still a work in progress but it is expanding in interesting ways I hadn't expected.